03 February 2017

Dozy Bints Doing the Bidding of Dawa-Peddling Hijabettes - "World Hijab Day"

As reported with enthusiasm by Australia's reliably-Islamophile ABC, just yesterday. How I would like to grab the participating infidel fools by the scruffs of their necks and make them sit down and watch Ayaan Hirsi Ali's "Submission", followed up by Wafa Sultan on the subject of Allah's hatred of women... and some of those harrowing interviews with Yazidi girls who have escaped from the horror harems - slave brothels - of the Islamic State.

Stockholm Syndrome on stilts: Formerly-Free Infidel Women Signal Submission to Islam and to Muslim Male Thuggery, by Donning the Muslim Female Gang Uniform aka the Slave Rag.

It is, of course, curious and quite revealing that there is no concomitant Solidarity Event promoted to the useful idiots of the male sex.... a pity, perhaps, the possibilities are endless, and all of them invite parody - "Walk Around With a Raisin Stuck to Your Forehead For a Day", anyone?

Bearded Infidel Useful Idiots could shave off their moustaches and spend a week or two bristling out their beards, to get that genuine black-toilet-brush Anjem Choudary look.... or if they are cleanshaven, they could just nip down to the joke shop and get a falsie (without moustache, of course) and clip it on... you know, the kind that has little hooks that go over the ears .. anybody for a henna rinse, just like Moh?

Or maybe get all done up a la Lawrence of Arabia, and strut around pretending to be Sheikh for a Day, with a scimitar on the belt and a sneer - or a leer - on the lip? [New English Review] Read more