02 February 2017

World Hijab Day: Women show solidarity with Muslims by covering their heads

Women around the world have been sharing pictures of themselves wearing a hijab in support of Muslim women on World Hijab Day on February 1.

"I'm so happy to be a part of promoting peace and understanding," one woman wrote.

"It was a wonderful and eye-opening experience!"

First held in 2013, the event was founded by Bangladesh-born New York resident Nazma Khan, who wanted to foster religious tolerance and understanding by inviting non-Islamic women and Muslim women who do not usually wear the hijab to experience wearing a head covering for one day.

Robyn Blodgett, who does not usually cover her head, posted on Instagram: "There's is something indescribably empowering and peaceful I feel when I cover up this way. A feeling that many wouldn't understand. [ABC] Read more