19 February 2017

Headteacher forced to work from home after getting 'death threats' from Muslim parents 'in new Trojan Horse plot'

A primary school headteacher receiving death threats from Muslim parents has been forced to work from home amid fears of a "Trojan Horse" plot to ' Islamicise ' the school.

Clarksfield Primary School headteacher Trish O'Donnell is said to have endured "harassment and intimidation" and "aggressive verbal abuse" from parents promoting Muslim values.

In one case, she had a threat to blow up her car, according to a report by Oldham council.

She said in the correspondence that she believed her position was untenable and a "Trojan horse" agenda was underway.

The teacher's union, the NAHT, told The Sunday Times it was supporting a number of members in the area with "Trojan Horse" issues.

The paper said the council report on the school said the headteacher had been physically attacked by one parent.

Most of the students at the school are Pakistani. [Daily Mirror] Read more