19 September 2015

Abuse going unreported in Britain’s south Asian communities – study

.... “There was certainly no awareness that there could be rape within a marriage,” said Dr Karen Harrison of Hull University who, with co-author Dr Aisha Gill of the University of Roehampton, has carried out a two-year project talking to women, charities, police officers and religious leaders and holding focus groups.

“Rape for women was if their father-in-law or brother-in-law or someone in the extended family was the perpetrator. Nor had the Imams we spoke too ever heard of marital rape; they weren’t aware it was against British law,” said Harrison.

“There was far greater awareness of the laws on female genital mutilation or forced marriage. It was shocking to hear so many women who did not have the support of their families after abuse had taken place. [The Guardian] Read more