01 September 2015

Shoppers threaten to boycott Asda Barking over halal meat

A Facebook page has been set up calling for a boycott of the Asda store which opened in London Road last week.

Eileen Glover, who launched the page, cares for her 87-year-old mum and takes her shopping at Asda every Tuesday, usually buying her a cooked chicken to last her three days.

“There was no non-halal chickens, or ribs, bacon joints or cumberland sausages,” the 63-year-old, of Felton Road, said.

“This was all offered freshly cooked in the previous store.

“We do not have a problem with the store supplying halal meat, we understand there is a demand, but to not offer non-halal meat takes away our choice as consumers.”

Halal food must adhere to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran, which involves slaughtering animals through a cut to the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe.

Animals must be alive and healthy when slaughtered and all blood is drained from the carcass.

“We do not eat halal meat as we do not agree with the way the meat is slaughtered,” added Eileen. [Barking and Dagenham Post] Read more