10 September 2015

"Brutal" Islamic school teachers who beat boy with stick for not reading Koran properly jailed

Two Islamic school teachers who beat a 10-year-old pupil so badly he started losing his hair with worry, have each been jailed for 12 months.

he youngster was slapped and hit with a stick by two teachers at an Islamic centre in Birmingham if he made mistakes while reading the Holy Koran.

Mohammed Siddique, 60, and his son Mohammed Waqar, 24, both of Olton Boulevard West, Tyseley, had both previously admitted a charge of child cruelty.

Judge Mark Wall QC said: “The use of a weapon to hit a 10-year-old child, as you both well know, is wholly unacceptable in this day and age.

“There must be no mistake about the message that should be taken from this case.

“Acts of brutality of this sort, that you each indulged in with a stick, will not be tolerated.” [Birmingham Mail] Read more