17 September 2015

Harper right to fight the niqab

.... She refused to remove her niqab at her swearing-in ceremony.

What the judges seem to have missed is that this was never primarily a fight about religious rights.

This was a political fight, mostly about empowering the doctrines that political Islam aggressively proclaims.

It was not really about personal religious beliefs that the Charter purportedly guarantees, which is an argument often leveled against the argument Islam doesn’t require face veiling.

I say purportedly because none of these rights is ever absolute.

The judges displayed a certain myopia in considering only the “religious” rights of Ishaq.

Whatever her own political views are, and I don’t know them, she has now become the masked poster girl for political Islam, whose essence is to establish a worldwide puritanical brand of Islam, with the burka and niqab as two of its most potent symbols. [The Toronto Sun] Read more