30 September 2015

Muslim father criticises social services for not placing his son with Islamic foster carers after boy was taken into care

A family court judge heard how the boy was taken into care by a council in rural Wales and placed with a non-Muslim family

A Muslim man whose son was taken into care by a Welsh local authority has gone to court in a bid to see his son placed with Islamic foster carers.

The boy's religious and cultural heritage could only “properly be safeguarded” if the child lived with Muslims, the man told a judge in the family court.

He asked Judge Gareth Jones to order the council to make “other arrangements” for the boy’s upbringing.

But Judge Jones backed decisions made by social services bosses and said: “This particular local authority area in rural Wales, bearing in mind demographic break-down of the population, is unlikely to provide a supply of Islamic foster carers.” [Press Association] Read more