16 September 2015

Muslim woman sues NYPD for allegedly forcing her to take hijab off for mug shot

A Muslim woman is accusing the NYPD of discrimination by forcing her to remove a religious head scarf before taking her mug shot.

Mervat Soliman, who is Egyptian, was arrested by cops last January after getting into a dispute with a neighbor over a parking space outside her home in Glendale.

Soliman, 53, wears a hijab, or veil, which covers a woman's hair as a symbol of her modesty.

The suit, filed Monday in Brooklyn Federal Court, asserts that the NYPD “discretionally decides” whether a Muslim woman must take off the scarf for an official arrest photo, and that is a violation of Soliman’s Constitutional right to freedom of religion.

Soliman told the Daily News the experience was harrowing. “I feel like somebody took all my clothes off,” she said. [NEW YORK DAILY NEWS] Read more