27 September 2015

Warwick University Student Union incites hatred by banning criticism of Islam

.... And so, once again, we see academic freedom censored essentially on ‘Health & Safety’ grounds: no-one who is critical of Islamism / Islamo-fascism may speak at a British university for fear of their criticising Islam and causing offence (‘hatred’) to Muslims. All must be ‘tolerant’, for that is now the inviolable orthodoxy of ‘British values’. Maryam Namazie explains the theo-political strategy:

The Student Union position is of course nothing new. It is the predominant post-modernist “Left” point of view that conflates Islam, Muslims and Islamists, homogenises the “Muslim community”, thinks believers are one and the same as the religious-Right and sides with the Islamist narrative against its many dissenters.

..This type of politics denies universalism, sees rights as ‘western,’ justifies the suppression of women’s rights, freedoms and equality under the guise of respect for other ‘cultures’ imputing on innumerable people the most reactionary elements of culture and religion, which is that of the religious-Right. In this type of politics, the oppressor is victim, the oppressed are perpetrators of “hatred”, and any criticism is racist. [Archbishop Cranmer] Read more