08 September 2015

Letters: Muslim refugees must sign up to British values

.... Britain’s noble past in affording sanctuary to the French Huguenots, European Jewry, Ugandan Asians, Vietnamese boat people, among others, should now be extended to those fleeing the ravages of both the Syrian dictator and Islamic fanaticism.

However, to preserve Britain’s cherished traditions (rule of law, human rights, gender parity), mollify anti-immigration sentiments and accelerate community cohesion, these Syrian refugees (and other newcomers) must sign a binding agreement before landing that they commit to become productive UK citizens.

.... Multiculturalism as government policy has failed miserably and left a hideous stain on the British social mosaic. This is particularly evident with the rise of Muslim self-segregation and religious militancy.

To combat this toxic theology within segments of British Islam, the Syrian arrivals must guarantee that they will not join such apartheid-like enclaves, by genuinely integrating and not isolating themselves from the UK mainstream. Dr T Hargey, Director, Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford. [The Independent] Read more