28 September 2015

MPs want answers on refugee child brides as 20 head for Ter Apel Society

MPs said on Monday they are concerned about reports that a group of young teenage girls who have gone through arranged marriages are reporting to the Ter Apel refugee registration centre to be reunited with their partners.

Local broadcaster RTV-Noord said on Monday some 20 teenage Syrian girls had made the journey to the Netherlands. The broadcaster bases its claims on IND documents. Two of the girls are 13 and two others 14. One is 15 and married to a man of 38, the documents show. Labour MPs have now called on junior justice minister Klaas Dijkhoff to clarify the situation.

MP Antje Kuiken is quoted as saying by broadcaster Nos that the situation is unacceptable. ‘I don’t believe this is voluntary,’ she said. ‘I think these are forced marriages.’ Kuiken said the girls now arriving in the Netherlands should be placed with foster families. [DutchNews] Read more