01 September 2015

Forced to kneel, a woman receives 100 lashes for adultery in Afghanistan as men watch on

An Afghan man and woman found guilty of adultery received 100 lashes on Monday in front of a crowd who filmed their punishment.

The footage, taken in the western province of Ghor, showed a woman wrapped in a head-to-toe burqa and a man each receive the punishment from a man in a turban wielding a leather whip, watched by a group of mostly seated men.

The two remained in a crouching position throughout and did not appear to cry out.

The sentencing was backed by the government in Ghor province, where the trial took place.

'They had relations a long time ago but were arrested early this month,' a spokesman for governor Seema Jowenda said.

'Their punishment is based on Sharia law and will teach others a lesson.' [Daily Mail] Read more