21 September 2015

Stephen Harper 'playing a very divisive game' with niqabs, Tom Mulcair says

Stephen Harper is "playing a very divisive game" with his government's effort to impose a ban on niqabs during the citizenship oath, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said Monday, just days before a French-language debate in Quebec — a province in which identity politics continues to drive a wedge between voters.

"I'm not about the politics of fear and division. Mr. Harper is going to always go after that. If he senses that there's something there that can divide Canadians one against the other, he'll do it," said Mulcair during a morning campaign stop in Nova Scotia.

The comments came after a reporter asked how Mulcair felt about Muslim women who want to wear a niqab or another type of face covering while taking the oath of citizenship. [CBC News] Read more