19 November 2015

62% Pakistanis lack definite opinion about IS: report

As disappointing as it may sound, majority of Pakistanis do not care to hold opinion about atrocities by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), claims a survey by Pew Research Centre.

A survey conducted by the research centre shows that nine percent of Pakistanis think positive about the extremist group while 62 percent do not have a definite opinion over the self-proclaimed Islam endorsers. Among Muslim countries, Pakistan has the highest ‘confused’ ratio when it comes to IS.

The group that is responsible for some of the worst terror attacks in different parts of the world and takes pride in beheadings and innocent executions has only pushed opinions in Pakistan to as far as ‘unsure.’

The research was conducted in May and April as Pew research Centre’s annual global poll. [The Nation] Read more