20 November 2015

'Muslims feel oppressed' after Paris attacks

The President of Austria’s Islamic Religious Community has spoken about the consequences of the Paris terror attacks for Muslims and how frustrated he feels that Muslims have to constantly distance themselves from terrorists.

In an interview with Die Presse newspaper Fuat Sanaç was asked why Muslims are not taking to the streets en masse to distance themselves from the violent Islamic State (Isis) terrorist group. “Muslims feel so oppressed that they are afraid to take to the streets,” he answered.

“We have said thousands of times that these lunatics have nothing to do with Islam, but we have to constantly defend and justify ourselves - it’s exhausting and infuriating,” he added.

He went on to say that Muslims holding demonstrations against Isis would do nothing to solve the threat posed by the terrorists, which was a direct result of wars and dictatorships in the Middle East. [The Local] Read more