23 November 2015

Poll: 1 In 5 British Muslims Has Sympathy With Jihadis

One in five British Muslims has at least some sympathy with those who have travelled to Syria to fight with Islamic State, a poll reveals.

The Survation poll of British Muslims for The Sun newspaper found that support was even higher among younger Muslims, with nearly one in four 18 to 34 year olds feeling some sympathy.

Support was also high Greater Manchester, where one in 10 Muslims said they had a “lot of sympathy” with their coreligionists who join the terror group.

Responding to the poll, the Labour Party’s London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan said: “It is clear that Britain needs to take its head out of the sand and act to tackle extremism and radicalisation at home.

“Tackling extremism is a challenge for everyone but I believe British Muslims have a special role to play.”

Meanwhile 38 per cent of UK Muslims blame ISIS terror attacks on “Western foreign policy, such as the invasion of Iraq”, while the same number think Muslims should not have to condemn terrorist acts carried out in the name of Islam. [Breitbart London] Read more