20 November 2015

Terror attacks have everything to do with Islam

.... Muslim reformers who understand Islam has a major problem are now courageously speaking up for a religious reformation. It is crucial to support such people. Which is why the “nothing to do with Islam” mantra is so damaging. For if that were true, there would be no need for Islamic reform.

Radical Islam must be identified, confronted and defeated. That means treating as pariahs all those promoting it — the OIC, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, the Palestinians — unless they stop their incitement to hatred and mass murder and

their backing for holy war. Instead, the free world treats these people as regular statesmen and members of the world community to be negotiated with, traded with and appeased.

Unless the West finally tears off these blinkers, all the bombs it may rain down on Isis will not defeat this scourge. [The Times (£)] Read more