05 November 2015

‘British Sharia councils are leaving women open to abuse’

Islamic Sharia councils are discouraging women from going to the police in cases of domestic violence, a barrister has told the BBC.

Charlotte Proudman said that women are being left in “very vulnerable situations where they’re open to further abuse and domestic violence”.

The barrister’s comments came in a BBC East Midlands programme which also heard from a Muslim woman who said a Sharia council took the side of her violent husband.

.... She said one woman told her: “My husband beat me so badly I had to go to hospital. But my family would not allow me to seek help from the police because this would bring ‘shame’ on the family. The imam sent me back to my abusive husband.”

Baroness Cox rejected claims from some who have labelled her “Islamophobic”. Rather, she commented: “Since proposing the Bill I have received many phone calls from Muslim women who have told me it has given them encouragement and hope.”

“My concern is to ensure protection under the law for all citizens”. [The Christian Institute] Read more