19 November 2015

Call for Islam to rid itself of obsolete dogmas

.... Nor do we have the luxury of time. Islamic reformation, like the Christian reformation, says Hasan, needs centuries to accomplish. I fear that not much of Islam will be left, in the next few decades, if the Wahhabis, Salafis and the death cults continue on their present course.

What we need to do is evident. We need to reformulate the Sharia according to its original objectives of justice, egalitarianism, human rights and freedom. This can be done reasonably quickly — as we saw in Morocco, where the personal aspects of the Sharia, the “New Mudawwanah” code, was updated within a decade.

We need to ditch dangerously obsolete and manufactured dogmas about gender relations, “Islamic state”, apostasy, and other similar issues. We should bring back the rationalist school of Islamic theology, which has been suppressed by the traditionalists for centuries.

The real hurdle is traditionalist Islam, represented today largely by Saudi Arabia and its supporters, East and West. Let’s begin by declaring Islamic orthodoxy null and void; and Saudi Arabia a deathly gruesome rogue state. [The Times (£)] Read more