14 November 2015

After Paris - That’s enough cultural appeasement; let’s fight for the Enlightenment

.... Let’s start by refusing to be hesitant after Paris. ‘It’s too soon to comment on this attack’, say some liberals, who are really biding their time before trotting out the usual self-loathing narrative. But it isn’t too soon. This was a despicable act, an unspeakable assault. Neither French militarism nor alleged ‘Islamophobia’ comes even close to justifying it.

Nothing does. And it was an attack not only on the good people of Paris but on everyone who values living in a free and open society where fear has no place. Let us now refortify those values of freedom and openness, in a real and direct way, angrily if we must, and in the process shrink the moral vacuum in which nihilistic Islamists have been able to place their bloody flag. That’s enough cultural appeasement; fight — really fight — for the Enlightenment. [spiked] Read more