29 November 2015

Is NOMS’ Muslim Advisor Ahtsham Ali an Entryist Islamist?

.... I personally attended an annual gathering Ali arranged for Muslim chaplains (at tax payers expense) a few years ago and at this event literature by Islamist extremists such as Mawdudi was distributed to chaplains.

Ali also made it clear that he favoured hard-line interpretations of Islam and expected all chaplains to do the same. No wonder extremism is flourishing in British prisons and Islamist prisoners are forcing non-Muslims to pay infidel (Jizya) tax as was reported in the press recently.

It’s about time that government departments stopped relying on Islamist advisors, who represent extremist political agendas which oppose our values, and started taking their responsibilities to tackle extremism seriously.

We hope NOMS and the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) will now take the appropriate action to address the concerns raised in this article. In the meantime, to ensure this happens, we will be escalating our concerns further. Watch this space! [Harry’s Place] Read more