19 November 2015

Sadiq Khan: Muslims are growing up in this country without ever 'knowing anyone from a different background'

Mr Khan said: "Too many British Muslims grow up without really knowing anyone from a different background. Without understanding or empathising with the lives and beliefs of others."

The Tooting MP also said that too many British people have "never befriended a Muslim and as a result too many people have formed a single identity "too often based around their religion or ethnicity."

Speaking at a lunch for journalists, Labour's former shadow justice secretary said he believed British Muslims could be more effective at tackling extremism "than anyone else".

He said was British Muslims "role" to challenge extremist views and to insist that British values and Muslim values "are one and the same."

Adding: "To give the next generation of Muslim leaders the confidence to own the debate and defeat the extremists." [The Telegraph] Read more