30 November 2015

Woman condemned to public stoning in Saudi Arabia; her lover gets 100 lashes

A Sharia court sentenced a 45-year-old married Sri Lankan woman to death by stoning after she admitted to committing adultery. Her lover, who was single, was sentenced to receive 100 lashes, a considerably lesser punishment for the crime.

A woman was sentenced to death by stoning in Saudi Arabia last August for committing adultery.

Both parties were Sri Lankan migrant workers in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh. The woman had been working as a maid in the capital since 2013.

Officials from the Sri Lankan Foreign Employment Bureau issued a request to pardon the woman. Lawyers are working on an appeal, reports India TV News Nov. 30. “The woman has accepted her crime four times in the courts,” said Upul Deshapriya, a spokesperson for the Bureau. Both the woman and her lover were convicted last August. [Examiner.com] Read more