11 November 2015

Trojan Horse tribunal: Staff 'culturally divided between Muslims and non-Muslims' at city school

An atmosphere of 'cultural division' existed between Muslim and non-Muslim staff at a secondary school, a witness at a teacher disciplinary hearing has claimed.

A professional conduct hearing was also told that one staff member, Jahangir Akbar excluded certain other staff and went "absolutely mental" in a meeting.

The teacher denies the allegations against him, the Birmimgham Mail reports.

A witness at the hearing in Bournville, who was granted anonymity, said: "The ethos changed in the past few years - everyone was divided.

"For example in the staff room the different cultures sat separately. I am a very bubbly person and Oldknow used to be a very bubbly place to work but now I've become very nervous." [Daily Mirror] Read more